The textiles they are, without a doubt, in interior decoration, elements of great importance ... And, within textiles, the curtains take center stage.
Below you can see three simple, original and economical ideas to decorate with curtains:

If you have a table or shelf in the kitchen or bathroom in which you keep objects that you would prefer not to be visible, here is a simple and charming idea that will help you keep these objects hidden:

curtain for ledge

It is simply to place on the mantel, table or furniture a small bar that allows you to hang the curtain. You can use any fabric, you just have to cut it to the appropriate size and put on top some ribbons that allow you to hang the fabric from the bar. It's that simple!

Your old quilt has no place in the decoration of your room and you do not know what to do with it? If you do not want to get rid of that relic that has decorated your bed for so long but you do not know where to put it, I can think of something ... Did it ever occur to you to turn your old bedspread into a curtain? The result can be charming:

from bedspread to curtain

You can place it in a window or, as you can see in the image, in a door ... And, it will go from being an old outdated object to become an original element that gives life and a very special charm to decoration.

If you want to create an environment with a certain rustic touch, try to recycle some burlap bags and turn them into curtains. An idea as original as simple and economical.

burlap curtains