Wallpaper is a decorative, economical and versatile material that will help you put a different and very personal touch throughout your home. If you love it but do not want to stick it on the walls, you are interested in reading. We are going to give you some ideas with wallpaper that you are going to love for originals and results. Take note.

ideas with wallpaper
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The walls of the houses have been papered for a long time. I remember myself a time when wallpaper was the norm in most of the Spanish houses. More or less elegant, flowered, geometric or psychedelic, the designs of the walls in the 70 decade were worthy of study. Well, to show you that it is still a trend, today we want to show you some great ideas with wallpaper that are not the most usual. Do you want to know how to use it to decorate?

And it is that coating the walls of wallpaper is not the only way to give it a decorative use. There are many more, each more fun and original.

Ideas with wallpaper to renovate furniture

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If you are one of those who can not go through a second-hand furniture store without entering and searching, then surely you have more than one jewel recovered in your house: a restored night table, an old dresser that has come back to life, or a sideboard rescued from the storage room.

Be that as it may, the majority of these old and dilapidated furniture They have the interior of doors and drawers somewhat deteriorated. After recovering them with paint, for example, it's a great idea lining the interior with wallpaper to cover the stains and chafing that may have, and to give them a personal touch. As you can see, it can not be better!

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Lining drawers for the desk

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Now that we are in September, month of the return to school, it is time to update our study or work corner. And this idea of ​​decorating a small cardboard drawer for papers is great. In addition to easy to do.

And who says a tray for papers and documents says a box to store office items, tissues, etc. Use paper to line boxes It's a great idea, and using wallpaper allows you coordinate the decoration of a space.

A headboard low cost

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If you're thinking about the subject, but you do not find the perfect way to make a headboard, wallpaper can be the solution. To begin with, you will find much more economical than any headboard, be it wood or metal.

It will serve to protect the wall from possible friction, and is a solution that does not have to be final. You can decorate the headboard of your bed with wallpaper while you keep looking for that perfect piece that you have in your mind.

What if I soak the ceiling?

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Have you ever asked yourself this question? Did you tell someone and they called you crazy? Well, if this last thing happened to you, you should know that It is not such a crazy idea. Most mortals, yes, tend to put the wallpaper on the walls, but decorate the ceiling in this versatile material is possible. And it even looks good on many occasions.

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However, and as much as you like the result, you should know that It is not easy to paper a roof. If you are determined to do so, seek help because it will only be very difficult.

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When you finish you will realize that your new room will be everything, less boring. You will have given him a plus of personality to the space that will not go unnoticed.

Pictures, clocks and other wall elements

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These ideas with wallpaper that they enter the diverse world of crafts They seem great to me. And they can look great, if you know how to apply them. For example, in case you have papered a wall in a children's bedroom, you can make a picture with a piece of paper that you have left and coordinate the decoration. You just have to cut and frame. Ready!

And if you want a slightly more complex idea (though little), look in the wall clock. To do this you just have to line a table, round or square, with the wallpaper, make a hole and attach the needles and clock mechanism, which is behind. Easy, right?

Also in the kitchen

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Who said that the kitchen is not a place to put wallpaper? Today there are precious, washable and super-resistant vinyl papers that stoically support humidity. But, in addition, there are ideas with wallpaper to apply in the kitchen that result from the most original.

You can cover, for example, the front of the kitchen with wallpaper, and cover it with a transparent methacrylate sheet. So you can wear it and be protected from the spots.

Wallpaper is an incredible option to decorate and renovate any corner of the house. Which idea do you like the most?

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