When you want to have a library at home, you do not always have the opportunity due to lack of space. And yet we see ourselves with so many books that we want to keep in an accessible and attractive place. The smallest of the spaces can be converted into a beautiful library, if you take advantage of these ideas for small libraries, that are integrated to the existing decoration. Small because they are part of a decorated and they are not a total space destined to them, but they are attractive and functional.

Where do you want your library, in the living room or in a hallway, where you have more space will be better, because you do not break the primitive and clear decoration that you can add and do as we said, a flirty and interesting part of the space. With these ideas for small libraries spaces are used as hallways and walls of the room. It depends, of course, on how large the space is in those environments and how small or large the number of books in your library is.

You can put together a pretty library next to the stairs, on the frame of a door, in the hallway above the stairs. Keep in mind that you must maintain a degree of security, especially with books on high or not at home guys, placing a handrail or a small piece of wood medium support for them will prevent setbacks if closing the door causes them to slip It is also important because if you do it right, this gives a flirtatious touch to the environment.

The ideas for small libraries of these images, they are inspiring, so you can adapt them to your environment or reproduce them completely, perhaps they even appear for you in view of your space and your personal style, other ways of placing those beloved books in a place where they are safe and accessible.

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