We have all seen a lot or little about the decor rustic which has been a triumphant trend in some seasons and in others has gone to anonymity, before the arrival of other decorative currents, without disappearing altogether, because it is a decoration that appeals and that is functional wherever you apply it. Today we bring you ideas for rustic decoration, different environments that evoke the country naturalness that is one of the qualities of this decoration.

La rustic decor concentrates on the use of nude materials and the colors of the earth, we must be very clear about the style, because sometimes we can see a decoration that can be confused if we abuse the ornaments in "tribal". As for the colors, the walls must have natural colors such as off-white, beige or brown "worn out", it is already known that the use of skates contributes to the effect. But also exposed brick walls that look lovely.

Ceilings and wooden floors, exposed beams, wooden pictures with images alluding to the countryside, to nature. Tree trunks that adapt to the decoration as part of the rustic decoration, converted into stools or chairs. The furniture is vital, you have to choose beautiful furniture in pure wood, which gives more natural to this decoration, also uses lamps and other ornaments such as headboards and tables of pure wood.

The vases and the crockery are also specially chosen to not clash with a rustic atmosphere. In the bedroom you have to go for quilts and country-style bedding, in "earth" or "nude" colors. You know, a lot of crochet, scraps, simple draperies but according to the decoration and galleries of big and tall curtains. The effect is everything in this form of decoration and you can achieve it with these inspiring ideas.