When we have a large house, where we can have enough environments, such as a family bathroom, a guest bathroom and maybe our luck fills us with a bathroom for girls, we can give ourselves to the fun task of decorate a girl's bath with everything funny and beautiful there is for small and their environments. Even when we have the opportunity to make a house and we can renovate it, if we have only daughters or enough space, we can allocate an area to the girls' bathroom that results in the ideas that we are going to present today.

It has no bathroom, nothing different from another, except of course, the bathroom decoration, in itself it depends on whether it is family or individual. If it's the bathroom for your little daughter, you can recreate a colorful and lively decoration that makes it a very beautiful place. Adapting the decoration to hygiene, ie choosing paint, furniture and accessories that are functional but also comfortable and easy to clean.

As for colors for decorate a children's bathroom, You can resort to the most cheerful and contrasting, you can choose decorations such as murals that we have already shown in other post recreate children's motives that are always fun and very flattering for the environment where they are placed. Really trying to decorate and for children is fun and it is very creative because there are many things you can take advantage of.

The furniture especially if the bathroom is large can be varied, but do not forget the safety rules a child should be watched while showering or is in the bathroom even to brush his teeth, we should not leave him alone, we will give him independence as that grows but we will keep a little vigilance and we will choose the furniture to be safe more than attractive.

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