We all have a hobby or something to do we like particularly, for many are books and among them I count. And the books appreciated friends of many hours of relaxation and entertaining reading, we want to have at hand and we want to integrate them to the decor home. Above all we want to save space, that they are "on hand" and that they look and keep well. For this, the best are the bookstores.

There are all kinds of bookcases to decorate, but when you do not have much space you have to be creative. A way to decorate your books integrating the environment is, using a bookcase as the foot of the mistress, you can now have your books organized and at hand and also a space to sit down when you dress, or to leave on it, the folded comforter ... so many ideas that arise in practice and that we give you today, will emerge from your creativity.

But put to the subject of decorate with your books, because we do not have much space and because we want to keep them in good condition, is to choose to decorate with aerial bookstores, with this we do not limit space, we decorate the environment and the books look beautiful and will be available. For this you have to choose a model of bookcase and whether we send it to make or buy it we can have the one you want, and although these models are a guide, you will surely find lovely options.

If you have young children, it might be better to choose an aerial, and if they are the biggest kids, a terrestrial one that makes us see the most elegant and orderly environment, because what is sought is to integrate the books into the decoration to give those environments an appearance more careful and orderly, so take advantage of our ideas to decorate with your books. Surely you already thought of all those books scattered throughout the house.