Have you ever thought that you would like to enjoy a more playful decoration at home? To many it happens to us, it is an increasingly generalized sensation. A way to understand the domestic environments more open to game and creativity without setting limits and letting them be present in the rooms in many ways. Here is a small and fun breakthrough.

more playful decoration
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To enjoy a more playful decoration in a home is to believe firmly in the power of the game to generate atmospheres where the imagination runs at ease. Will allow us contemplate our domestic interiors as perfect settings for fun. Immerse ourselves in the game, with or without children. Although it is true that many of the decorative proposals are aimed at the smallest, also the elderly can sign up to it.

A more playful decoration: yes to creativity

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When asked how to enjoy a more playful decoration, nothing like close your eyes and imagine sharing hours of play at home with ours. That is the essence of this spirit where humor also has a lot to say. When it comes to putting it into practice, toys and other playful elements will be the main tools to use. Dare to turn them into protagonist pieces of the rooms, integrate them in environments where more life we ​​do. No cornering or hiding when we do not have fun with them.

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Now, there are also other formulas to make the rooms look more playful. Bet for furniture that waste humor in their designs, or that have been inspired by traditional games when they were conceived. Without losing an ounce of their sense of functionality, they will also add a more idle sense to our deco style. Wooden shelves, Desktops and fun chairs that can fit perfectly in a study room, in a children's room ... Or in the dining room of a Millennial who just released his first apartment.

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Start the fun

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There are many places in the house that can be seduced by a more playful decoration this winter. Y the living room is one of them. The idea of ​​turning it into a meeting point where to meet to play with ours enjoying an atmosphere that encourages fun and recreation. It is not about turning it into a recreational room, far from it. Nor lose that personality that we like so much. The objective is improvise funny corners that allow us to foster unity and creativity Through the game. And especially if there are children at home. Let them put the rules.

Maybe a game of cloth darts to play with them in a totally secure way. Without realizing it, we can take advantage of the occasion to teach them to calculate distances and coordinate movements. Another option to create a more playful decoration they are the nice roulettes of fortune that are fixed to the wall. The perfect excuse to propose a game to the teenagers of the house, inventing prizes for the winners and homemade activities more ungrateful for the losers. OR for enjoying a game with friends in a weekend meeting. Surrounding yourself with a more playful decoration is to live rewarding domestic moments with the best companies.

The children's universe: stop the boredom

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Playing is good for your health, exerts a positive effect on adults and children, of course. Therefore, through a more playful decoration it is easy to benefit from this fact and soon start to feel that we feel better in our day to day at home. Children's rooms will be the favorite territories where explore this decorative spirit without fear of failure and without limits.

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The most fun and effective proposals will be those that allow them immerse yourself in the game and forget about everything. Like the Rolls of paper designed for coloring. They spread out on the floor or a table and start the adventure of exploring their childhood world, full of fun details to discover. A simple but infallible resource so that they develop their creativity as they go coloring. Alone, with friends or in family.

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In children's rooms this more playful decoration can be gaining ground in space almost without realizing it. Y not only through toys. For example, it will work very well bet on textile accessories that are pure humor. Like the hand-shaped cushions size XL.

Furniture that start a smile

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Atrevernos with a more playful decoration so that the rooms show a special sensitivity towards humor and creativity. It is another alternative. Now that the months of the year in which we make home life are approaching, yes or yes, maybe you want to surround yourself with designs that encourage a smile when looking at them.

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This is what happens when we contemplate the East-West seating series, designed by the Japanese-Austrian Rio Kobayashi. Inspired by the game of Chinese sticks, that is, in the Mikado's graph, its bar stools and chairs unite the culture of the West and the East with a funny nod. And something similar we can experience if we decide integrate in our spaces more vivid tables and desks that are a call to the imagination. These furniture, toys and textiles are a fantastic start to feel surrounded by a more playful decoration.

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