Conforming spaces oriented to cover the needs of the Christmas decoration we will come across a large number of sectors where originality can be present, forming a true differential within our decoration.

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Framed in the theme we will highlight some Christmas ornaments of very simple application that present an enormous potential when it comes to forming an appropriate atmosphere to the theme represented, generating an environment conducive playful and enjoyable, enjoyable for adults how for the little ones of our house.

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Thus Our chairs which can present different decorative styles, can be covered with white blankets adorned with a subtle red headband in its support giving an aspect of formality and thematic adaptation, while betting on the ingenuity and the ability of ornamentation we can develop by applying pieces of cloth, felt and other nice implements covers backs framed in represent the characters most associated with the festivity such as San Nicolás and his Reindeers.

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With the help of some pieces of wood or acrylics or plastic materials how the pet can make very subtle cuts representing very simple geometric morphologies, which represent the pieces most associated with the festival which can be decorated with exterior luminaires and synthetic paints to transform the aesthetic characteristic of our garden.

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The candles well how other objects extremely typical christmas, they are great generators of environment, therefore their presence is undoubted in an adequate decoration, elegantly arrange them and enhance their morphology placing it in beautiful and original pool candles enhance the piece and its highlight.

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How we argued earlier creativity should be its main weapon in Christmas decoration, since the offer is huge and the possibilities immeasurable, although expensive, that is why creativity is presented as the most appropriate solution with originality and great savings, that is why a creative decoration can to have the help of our children turning the ornamentation and Christmas decoration into a real family activity, transferring the Christmas spirit to each creation that propitiates the setting of our holiday.

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