If someone very close to you, a relative or a very special friend, is about to fulfill no less than 50 years, you will surely love it organize a very special party. Today we offer you some ideas to decorate a birthday of 50 years. It will be a party so great that the party will never forget it. Keep reading and you will see.

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Comply five decades of life It is an event and so we must take it. It may seem like many years, but the truth is that people from 50 years are in the prime of life. At this age, there is usually more stability and a lot of things to discover still. For this reason, on this occasion, the birthday boy deserves a great party with endless ideas to decorate a birthday of 50 years.

Today we want to help you and that is why we are going to offer you some fantastic suggestions that I personally love, and that can turn a birthday party into a truly unforgettable event. Take note!

Ideas to decorate a birthday of 50 years: bet on the surprise

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If there is something that has to be a 50 anniversary party it is secret (for the person who turns the years, of course). There's nothing like see his surprise face when everyone he loves most receives him in that way. So, do not think about it anymore and go on the adventure of organizing a great Birthday Party surprise that special person.

Here are some ideas to decorate a 50 birthday that you will like a lot.

Find the right place

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It can be the birthday boy's favorite restaurant (sometimes they have rooms that can be rented for events), or a friend's country house, or your house. Whatever the chosen place, it is essential decorate it and prepare it in advance for the occasion.

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If it's still a good time where you live, maybe it's a good idea celebrate the outdoor party. The birthday abroad They are very funny, although everything depends on the weather, of course. In any case, if you have the appropriate place (a garden or a terrace) you can organize the outdoor party, although preparing an alternative solution In case it rains or it's cold.

A party to not stop ...

If you are looking for ideas to decorate a 50 birthday, here is one that will please everyone: organize a fun activity to do, before or after the party. It is almost preferable that it be before, because at that moment everyone is more receptive and eager to have fun.

It can be an outdoor activity, or also a cooking course, a laughter therapy workshop, or a performance of illusionism, for example. The important thing is to look at the character and tastes of the birthday boy. If you do it, you will hit right away.

Decorate the scene of the party

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It seems obvious, but it is not. The place of celebration of the party must be decorated and well lit. It can not be in gloom, but it must have good light. However, it is advisable to have regulators that allow us to adjust the light when we want, to create a more welcoming environment.

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You can not miss the balloons, neither the confetti, nor a table full of delicious delicacies. Why not do a photocall, that is, a fun panel in which to take a thousand photos of everyone? Here you have a great idea to do it: sticking original balloons on a blank panel.

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Do not miss the memories

The 50 years is an age in which the most and the least treasured and a few memories. And although some of us do not like to remember it, most of us love it and we like to enjoy it. Well, surely the birthday boy is grateful that prepare a surprise video or a photo book that gathers your best memories.

The key to making this idea a success is that Prepare it in advance. You have to put the whole gang on your side and get them to help you gather pictures, special images, etc. Or have them help you record the video. Surely that special person releases some tears of emotion ...

The table, an important element

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Among all the ideas to decorate a birthday of 50 years there are some very important ones, such as those that focus on the preparation of the menu, table and drinks that the guests will enjoy. Well, my advice is that you bet on simple, rich things, that you know you're going to like, and that you leave more complicated things that can be a headache.

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A good idea is to prepare a large table with everything well exposed so that each guest serves himself. What comes to be a self-service table. Choose a paper tableware (there are very funny models) and try to be all at hand. We must be careful to replace what is being spent.

With these ideas to decorate a birthday of 50 years you will achieve total success. You will see!