If you have a big house with a garden of those that give envy just to see them, it will be a perfect garden for a wedding. If you want to get married ... what's more romantic than doing it in the garden of your house? You can enjoy the good weather, the sun and nature ... that memory will remain forever in your memory and in the memory of the guests, but yes ... it must be well decorated for the occasion! Today I want to give you some ideas to inspire you.

An altar in the garden will undoubtedly be a great addition to giving a magical touch to the ceremony, whether it is for a civil or religious wedding. There are many options to decorate an altar and the important thing is that it shapes the personality of the two people who will get married on that day.

An idea of altar it could be a table properly decorated with a floral center according to the decoration of the rest of the garden (the fabrics of the chairs of the guests and the bride and groom, the flowers of the place, the decorative fabrics in pastel tones, etc). Abuse the flowers ... that day should be decorated with the flowers that most like the bride and groom since he will be remembered (and photographed!) Forever.

wedding tent

But you have to be a foresighted person and think that maybe there is not a bright sun and clouds appear that threaten rain. In this case you should have an alternative such as a nice carp The good thing about tents is that, due to their characteristics, it is not necessary to decorate them a lot and with some lamps, candles, fabrics and flowers it would be more than enough.

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What would you add to the decoration of a garden for a special day like a wedding? Would you opt for some flowers in particular? What colors would you use as predominant in decoration?


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