decorate with few furniture

When we think about the realization of a decorative space, we usually present the work of several artists who contribute to the range of commercial solutions for the realization of a practical, elegant and functional decoration, but never thought of specifically for the places that you will have to face, although for many of the characteristics that this has.

decorate with few furniture2

That is why in this case we will present a compendium of two articles in which we will try to do without the commercial decoration, and create with our own hands the pieces that dress and decorate in an elegant and practical way, something complex to achieve if we already have furniture, so this decoration is ideal for young people in their first opportunity to live alone, when they still do not have the economic solvency for Acquire the work of a professional and buy furniture.

decorate with few furniture15

Is furniture and decorative pieces which based on the ingenuity we can develop to fill those expensive commercial elements, however the bet is not completely free while more money we save more time we will require to achieve the pieces and spaces.

decorate with few furniture3

We will begin by making a basic tour of space, we we will focus on a room since developing a complete decoration will be very extensive and not very, focusing on the living room, we will consider the need for artificial light and the impact of natural light, considering sunrise and sunset in relation to our openings

decorate with few furniture5

In case of finding us opposite to the sunrise or hindered in their arrival during the first hours until the peak of the afternoon, center your decoration in the search for artificial luminaires, think about elements for heating since during the coldest seasons this absence will be felt while in the summer depending on the structure of your house it can be cooler than you imagine.

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decorate with few furniture1

La luminosity conditions the colors, the greater the luminosity, the wider is the palette of options since some opaque shades will shine and will not damage the decoration, however in the absence of natural light, the palette diminishes and the light tones are those that take advantage of the low luminosity.

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To begin we will take the necessary measures and we will analyze the space, adapting to the structure is vital, and consider whether we rent or own, this is because the modular furniture is the best delivery but when it comes time to move will not have the same results elsewhere with different dimensions and we should consider re-investing, on the other hand the structural shelves or the applications of plaster, economic, Simple to install and practices are very complex to remove and dispose in a new house.

decorate with few furniture

Generous spaces, in generous spaces with few furniture requires some classic tricks, separate environments can generate an office, game room, or even a gym at home, on the other hand well-known techniques but not always applied as Large paintings with an abstract sense can be created with several colors, wood and some ingenuity and arranged not on the wall but resting on it, generate a great differential in clean spaces where few shades are handled.