Christmas is about to arrive, so we can not waste time, we have to finalize our Christmas decoration details for the house! And although buying ornaments and decorating is very easy and fast, the truth is that if you want to make your own decoration, it's time to put on! Today I want to give you some easy ideas to do Christmas crafts and finish decorating your house with a wonderful Christmas spirit.

In this video you can see some ideas:

But we have more proposals!

Christmas tree with pallets

This way of getting a Christmas tree is great, ecological, and also, very original. As you know, we love the original ideas to decorate with pallets. If you create your own Christmas tree with pallets, I'm sure it will be the surprise of all your guests, and in addition, you will feel very satisfied because you have managed to create it with your own hands.

The Christmas tree with pallets is perfect for small spaces. To create it you will have to completely disassemble a pallet to get the different woods separately. Then we will draw a triangle with them (which will be the Christmas tree), in the size you want, but with the appropriate shape. Then, cut the pallet and use a sandpaper to soften the surface and there is no danger of splinters. Finally, nail the different woods horizontally to a vertical one that will act as a trunk.

Finally, You can leave the Christmas tree of pallets to the natural or paint the slats with green paint (or the color you want) to symbolize the tree and decorate it as you like, such as Christmas balls, garlands, gifts ... whatever you want! You can attach the ornaments with tips or a powerful stapler.

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Christmas tree pallet

DIY Christmas balls

In some decoration shops you will find these Transparent Christmas balls that you can customize very easily. They are ideal to use year after year with a different Christmas decoration.

Hanging Christmas decoration

These beautiful and simple decorations are ideal for hanging lamps and small hooks on the wall. As you can see, it is as simple as getting hold of some branches of trees such as spruce or pine, as well as moss, and hanging it with red ribbons. You can also do something similar to hang a mistletoe on the door and do not miss a single kiss at Christmas.

Christmas trees with muffin wrappers

Do you usually eat muffins in your house? Do not throw away the wrappers, they will help you create a small and very original Christmas tree! If at home you do not eat muffins with round wrappers, do not worry, because they sell them at very reduced prices in any household store and in many colors.

To make the tree with muffin wrappers you will have to go from larger to smaller wrappings and then put on a foam cone. You will have to start from below and go upwards. To make sure the wrappings will not fall, secure them by pinning small pins.

You will have to cover the entire foam cone and add more strips to complete the tree. It looks great! You can see the complete tutorial with a lot of photos on the decoration and crafts blog Madamesouffle.

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cupcake christmas tree
Source: Madamesouffle

Cardboard Christmas decorations

If recycling is your thing, these ideas will enchant you. Especially if you have small children at home, it is an ideal time for all of you to make Christmas decorations recycling paper and cartons as you can see in the following images.

Christmas gifts with the perfect wrapper!

Every time I like to pay more attention to how we wrap Christmas gifts. And it is that, apart from that practically nobody does DIY giftsAt least I think if we should strive to make the wrapper ourselves. With plain gift papers, some craft labels, fabric ties and strings, you can get finishes as beautiful as these from the images.

Do you like these Christmas crafts to decorate your home? Do you dare to do them? Surely you will be great!