La organization It is really important in absolutely each and every one of the spaces of the house if you want to have a minimum harmony. It is true that maintaining according to what stays always ordered can not only become a complicated task but also very tedious. Below you can see some ideas that will help you keep your home tidy without investing too much money or too much effort.

In India there is kitchen, Cutlery is one of those elements that we can not always keep in order when we are not using them. If you have a deep drawer in your kitchen, this is a simple but very effective solution:

order the cutlery
Image: Apartment Therapy

A few simple spacers will help you to have a space for each type of cover and also, by placing them vertically, you will save a lot of space.
A simple, economical and very effective solution.

The children's rooms neither are they an easy space due to the large number of toys, elements and objects that can usually be found in them. A practical and very comfortable idea is to take advantage of small spaces or holes in the wall to place in them accessories with pockets that allow you to store those small objects or toys that you would like to have always at hand.

Image: My House

And, in those drawers in which it is impossible to have ordered because they are full of small things, here is another simple idea that is very useful.

keep the drawers arranged
Image: BHG

Yes, it is a kitchen mold for muffins. An element that, placed inside any drawer, allows to have ordered and well differentiated the small things that are stored in it.

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