La Christmas It is very close, it is almost here ... In just a few days we will have to take out the Christmas tree and fill the house with small details that remind us that we are at Christmas. And of course, to these dates the corresponding and traditional dinners and lunches, so we must also think about the decoration and preparation of table in these special celebration days.

Here we show you some ideas and proposals for the decoration of the Christmas table.

This first proposal with country airs uses as the main color the Red which is combined with white details. A combination of colors that is already a classic in Christmas decoration in general and in the decoration of Christmas tables in particular.
The original touch is provided by the textile details with vichy print.

country style christmas table

Another classic in Christmas decoration is the combination of color white and gold. This combination brought to the table results in a decoration sophisticated and elegant.

Christmas table in gold

El black, although at first it may seem somewhat shocking for the decoration of a table, especially at Christmas, it is an ideal option capable of filling the table elegance and style

elegant christmas table

And for the most daring or for those who flee from the common this is a perfect proposal. The colors used for the decoration of this table are fuchsia, violet and blue, an alternative at least original and very stylish.

original Christmas table

And to you, what style or colors do you like the most ?, why option or options are you going to bet ?.