El Midsummer return to our lives Last year Ikea decided to advance the sales to make them coincide with a Swedish festival called Midsommar, which announces the change from spring to summer and the success of the initiative this year puts it back on track.

That means that from today we can go to any of the Ikea centers and find some of their discounted products, with offers of up to an 50% discount from the 21 from June to the 10 from July.

In addition, tomorrow 22 of June, you approach your center of Ikea with flowers you will receive discounts and gifts. If you are the first to arrive at the center with 7 flowers you will receive a bonus of 200 euros to spend at Ikea, and if you are one of the following 100, you will receive 30 €. But do not worry that if you arrive a little later you will also receive your prize, as there will be a surprise gift for everyone. Paper flowers are also allowed.

We can find incredible offers on sofas and shelves with up to 100 € discount, or chairs with discounts of 20 €, and many more discounted products. What are you waiting for, these days Ikea awaits you to celebrate the Midsommar in a very special way.

Further information: Ikea