The solidarity campaign of IKEA, 1 € is a fortune! It has concluded with great results, both in terms of revenue and participation. This year, thanks to the contribution of all Spanish customers, Ikea donate 393.708 € a UNICEF and Save The Children, an 13% more than what was collected last year.

This amount corresponds to the donation of one euro by IKEA for each teddy sold at the 11 establishments of the IKEA Group in Spain, from the 1 of November of 2009 to the 5 of January of the 2010.

For five years this solidarity campaign has been carried out in the stores that the Swedish multinational has all over the world, and in this last edition they have broken all the collection records worldwide, reaching the amount of 7 million euros. Since the 2003 year a total of 23, 5 million euros have been collected, which has allowed 40 to finance projects in 20 countries.

In Spain, the solidarity of customers and the strong involvement of employees have been the keys to overcoming the goal, reaching 393.708 €, an 13% more than last year. These figures place our country in the eighth position in the ranking of the 37 countries in which IKEA has launched this initiative.

In addition, in this 5ª edition, the ¡1 € campaign is a fortune! was accompanied by the launch of a music video and an interactive activity through the web In it simulated, in a plush version and virtually, the concerts «Live Aid» of 1985 to support Africa. This initiative, whose objective was to encourage participation, has also been a success and at the end of the campaign the choir (which can still be visited at Ikea Softtoysaid) has more than 15.000 members.

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UNICEF and Save the Children projects in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe

On behalf of Save the Children, this year's fundraising will go towards projects aimed at providing quality education to children in Russia and Albania, who are at high risk of suffering discrimination due to their disability, and children of ethnic minorities. from Bangladesh and Vietnam.

IKEA collaborates with Save the Children from 1993, year in which the entity advised the company in the elaboration of its Code of Conduct for the prevention of Child Labor. Since then, both organizations work together in the development of numerous projects providing children with access to quality education and ensuring their right to live a safe, healthy and happy childhood.

As for UNICEF, "Schools for Africa" ​​is the program to which the campaign's collection will be destined. An initiative of UNICEF in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Hamburg Society for the promotion of democracy and international law through education. This program is underway since December of 2004, date from which UNICEF has worked with governments, local authorities, communities and other allies so that 4 millions of children in Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and South Africa can attend the school. In a second phase, starting with 2010, the program will be extended to other African countries. IKEA, through "1 € is a fortune", will support its expansion to five new countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Ethiopia and Madagascar.

Congratulations to Ikea and congratulations to all customers for contributing to any child, anywhere in the world, can be happy.