Ikea, the most popular Swedish decoration logo, has just opened an amazing shop for decorating salons in the capital. An establishment different from all the others that is placed at street level to dazzle and become one of your favorites in Madrid. Discover how it is the new Ikea Goya and everything you have to offer.

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If you are used to taking the car and driving a few kilometers to get to your store Ikea closer, get ready because that will change. The decoration giant has just opened new store in the capital of Madrid. This is Ikea Goya, a different place located in the number 47 of this Madrid street in the Salamanca district. More central, impossible.

Ikea Goya: a new concept in decoration of living rooms

This is not an Ikea to use. The Swedish decoration firm, whose landing in Spain dates back to 21 years ago, has intended with this inauguration to offer the client a totally different shopping experience to what we are used to.

The huge blue box on the outskirts of the cities has become this time a central, wide store but infinitely smaller than any of its predecessors.

The visitor, upon entering, perceives the unmistakable style of Ikea, but in a different way. Here there is no established route. You will also not find a certain way to see each space. The whole establishment is dedicated to the decoration of living rooms: furniture, textiles and decoration accessories.

In addition to finding all the products related to life in the living room that you can find in any of the Ikea establishments, there are a thousand ideas at your fingertips. In this store you have at your disposal a product customization service to give them your own style.

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It also has a space where you will receive advice from experts who will help you plan your room exactly as you had dreamed.

Lorenzo Meazza, head of interior design at Ikea, has been commissioned to design this new space dedicated to the decoration of living rooms. The main objective has been to create a living, dynamic space, open to the visitor, that connects with the city.

More than 2.000 square meters of inspiration

Although it is not the huge space that the firm has accustomed us to, Ikea Goya has around 2.000 square meters spread over three floors. Each of them has a different concept and theme.

On the ground floor, in the area of ​​the entrance, temporary collections and limited editions are exhibited, precisely to give dynamism to the showcases.

In the rest of the space you can see different rooms each of which is inspired by a different neighborhood in Madrid. So you can take a walk around the Chueca lounge, the Malasaña, Salamanca or the Madrid de los Austrias. Live where you live, surely one of these neighborhoods defines you in a special way. Over time, new spaces inspired by other neighborhoods will be created.

The first floor from the store in the center of Madrid is starring what has been called "The Market of Goya" where customers find, organized as if small market positions are treated, all kinds of accessories and decoration accessories: candles, frames, flowers, textiles, etc.

A special restaurant

The restaurant occupies a part of this first floor, as well as the store of Swedish food products. In this case, Ikea Goya wanted to unmark a little of the other establishments in the chain. For this, he has opted for new exclusive recipes that you can only find there. It also has suggestions for vegetarians and vegans, and dishes made with organic products.

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The design of this space, located in a corner with wonderful views of Calle Goya, has also been customized. It shares the image of the firm, but includes different details that endow it with its own personality.

"The neighbors of the 5 °"

With this suggestive name, the people in charge of the store have baptized the space that is in the plant - 1. It is an area where you can see furniture and decoration solutions for small rooms. It has the style of spaces that we see in the rest of the Ikea stores. It is one of the corners of the store that most resemble what the brand has accustomed us.

It is on this floor where you can find the special counseling service. Whether you want to decorate the living room of your house, or if you need advice for your business. Ikea Business will have an area here where you can let you advise.

What are you waiting for to visit the new Ikea Goya store? You have it around the corner. Your schedule is from Monday to Saturday, from 10: 00 to 21: 00 hours. On Sundays and holidays the establishment will open one hour later, at the 11: 00 h.

Photos: Ikea.