The lamp illuminant it moves us with a single glance to the depths of the ocean, where the jellyfish roam at ease, and it is not that this lamp represents the feared invertebrates whose bites are feared by the human being, but that their appearance makes us remember them.


Kristin Birna Bjarnadóttir he has designed a ceiling lamp, with a screen made of reflective material of security (like the bands that carry the safety vests that it is mandatory to carry in the car) and from which hang a kind of threads.

It is illuminated by an LED bulb, which illuminates it from the ground and creates a very curious effect. In addition to the white color, it includes four colored plates to decorate the room at every moment: red, violet, blue and brown. Each of them can evoke something different. The blue will make us feel under the sea, the red will plunge us into the depths of a volcano and the brown will take us underground. A whole experience to live without leaving home.

Vía: Momoy