Solar Deck Light It is a simple and discreet system that will allow you to have illuminated the garden and without doing any electricity. This luminaire is powered by solar energy, stores this energy during the day and works during the night, reaching a maximum of 5 hours.

This lighting system has four LED lights that point to different directions so that they cover the entire space so that nothing is left in the dark. Its small and flat structure makes it ideal to install on any side, on the grass, on walks or steps.

Via: Hometone


  1. Good day, we are dedicated to lighting gardens and I would like to know where these lamps are sold and if at the moment they have the option of using electricity, thanks


  2. I love this idea, it's fantastic, I'm a fan of gardening and I like to save too, I'm already thinking of creating a beautiful design for my garden and implementing this technology because apart from everything we contribute to take care of our environment and it is exclusive.

    Congratulations to its creator

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