Again we turn to lighting issues in interior decoration, understanding that this is one of the most important matters for the success and comfort of any environment that boasts of being well designed.

The lighting brand "Karman" recently presented its latest collection that is inspired by urban and poetic environments.

The refined lines and neutral colors are the basic ingredients of this collection of lighting that surprises us because of the strong personality that all models transmit to the environments in which they are used.

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It was the diversity of the architecture and the spirit of large cosmopolitan centers such as Paris, Barcelona or New York that served as a starting point for the young Italian designer Matteo Ugolini to design this collection.

According to the brand itself, each of us can create their own world and transport that diversity for decoration through these lighting proposals with a contemporary design, as romantic, cosmopolitan and personalized.


An example of this philosophy is the Sky model, designed in coated steel and with an image of a laser-cut sky, symbolizing a starry sky that each of us is free to create.

According to the designer Matteo Ugolini, the Sky model "tries to portray an invented constellation where each one finds a meaning for the stars and takes refuge in that universe, as if in that way he recreates his own world.

It is also this personal sense that Karman tries to project in its collections and that is part of the brand's own character, founded in 2005 with the aim of transmitting emotions through a design that seeks to project the universe of dreams and poetry in the interior design, helping each of us to meet our Karma.