lighting for kitchens

La lighting It is a very important aspect in decoration in general. However, lighting in the kitchen is extremely important ...

The importance of lighting in the kitchen is, on the one hand, that it is a work space in which we develop a specific activity that requires a good visual and, on the other hand, that it is a space that usually requires different areas that need different types of illumination.

Probably the most important light is the one that illuminates the work area that is normally the countertop.
In work areas, cold lights are generally used, since they offer a better visual and are much more comfortable when working and for the eyes.
If you wish, apart from the general light that is responsible for providing light to the work area, we have said that the best option is cold lights, you can also decorate the area with other types of lighting: under the furniture, on the floor, etc.

If the kitchen has a dining area, the hanging lights are an ideal option, as they are governed to illuminate only this area and usually provide a warmer and more intimate light. Even, this lighting can be included a dimmer of light intensity, so, we can create more or less intimate environments depending on the moment.

To achieve decor attractive, modern and very 'chic'you can bet on a chandelier. Although most of this type of lamp would place it in a living room, in a kitchen it becomes the ideal complement, since it will break the monotony and also bring elegance and a 'touch' very avant-garde.
Another very decorative way to illuminate is to do it by placing lights on furniture with glass doors or, placing luminaires on shelves or shelves that you want to highlight or have some decoration.