One of the decorative trends perhaps older but with greater validity is the one that presents the deception to the senses to structure different spaces, the same is a central technique that classical artists exploited very well and showed in several of the works that the transcendent characters of their time commissioned to make.

Optical illutions in decoration -2

This is the delusions optics in decoration, techniques that exploit the characteristics with which the human being perceives the concepts of space and depth, thus confining true highlights only conceptualized in the creative genius that developed them.

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These techniques are very common in urban art, and many contemporary artists develop the trend in the street, creating majestic works generally sponsored by cultural entities that act in conjunction with local councils, but moving into our homes and without the presence of creative graphic trends and Digital printing are presented to create similar illusions.

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Is deceive the senses in the conception of depth and dimension, generating in such a way a completely false but very realistic conception thanks to the technical ability of high definition printing.

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On the other hand and locating ourselves in the furniture, it is also affected by the technical characteristic, and many artists bet on its implementation as a way to differentiate their products, this is the case of the so-called magic table, which simulates floating if not because the supposed tablecloth that covers it is acrylic.

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This type of decoration you can find it in many cases inappropriate, attractive but difficult to implement, the truth is that it is ideal and perfect solution for commercial spaces of service, how the haute cuisine where if what you are looking for is to make a difference with your competitors, this is a profitable idea and nothing hard work.

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