Know this new way to implement the decoration, beautiful chandeliers for tables thanks to the development of technology get project images in your room, framed in a novel trend and aesthetic results simply beautiful

This novel idea starts from the creative genius of a French lighting brand that in this way manages to create a totally different product and which is practically irresistible.

The concept of Designheure was the interaction of a simple image projector framed in a novel decoration accessories, with a highly elegant and personalized design.

The projector assumes the shape of a candelabrum with fine lines and delicate textures, with more than 10 different models built in different materials such as enameled aluminum, matt, stainless steel among others and with various applications.

Each model is offered with three projected images which can be selected by future buyers as a particular highlight for your living room or bedroom.

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Decorate your spaces with complete freedom decorating your walls with the images you want most.

The result of the implementation of this accessory is a new philosophy of conceptualizing the spaces, select the images you want to project with style and modernism.

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You can not only opt for the images predefined by the line but you can even use your own fully customized photos or 3d Art., Ideal for children's decoration where no doubt the little ones will be puzzled by such an innovative accessory that I could transport them to a magical world where imagination has no limits.