In the beautiful city of Bregenz, located in Australia, is celebrated annually the famous summer musical festival called Bregenzer Festspiele . This time we see the hallucinating opera in a stage located on the Lake of Tosca.

floating stage

This beautiful festival, of overwhelming success in recent times, had almost 150 thousand people during the last editions of it.

This great floating stage looks for impressive proportions of size, specially elaborated for the Chénier opera by Umberto Giordano Andrea. The incredible light, gave an amazing show dressed with skillful acrobatics and actors of enormous talent. All make the representation of a completely unique experience.

The stage, different in each performance, together with the opera get excited to each viewer who has the pleasure of being able to attend this creative show and enjoy its great visual appeal. The staging and the incredible decoration shows originality, creativity and an unforgettable experience, for all our senses!

Here we leave you with some of his incredible images!