Taking the functionality of small, advanced technologies and the current aesthetics of minimalism, the designer Rolands Landsbergs has created a curious collection of furniture that is based on a box structure. Your name? In-The-Box (In-box, in Spanish).

He has transformed several rooms of the house into modules that integrate different pieces and from which we can extract different sections representing different pieces of furniture. When we need them, they will be taken out, otherwise they will hide.

The rooms that make up the collection are Boxetti Private, Boxetti Lounge, Boxetti Practice, Boxetti Thrill and Boxetti Lunch.

Boxetti Private It is the bedroom. It consists of a double bed (which lacks a small corner) a night table and a wardrobe.

Boxetti Loungue is the one destined to the room. It is a piece of furniture from which we extract a sofa and two coffee tables that can be converted into a larger one.

Boxetti Practice It is an office set with desk, drawers, bookshelf and a curious seat.

Boxetti Thrill It is an entertainment center with a giant speakers with a flat screen TV that moves up.

Boxetti Lunch is the module corresponding to the kitchen, a unit with everything necessary for a modern kitchen: sink, storage drawers, tap, space for a refrigerator and two stools.

In short, an almost complete house, the bathroom would be missing but the installation would be a little more complicated.

Further information: Boxetti

Via: Hometone