When we have guests or when we prepare a special table or something more formal than usual, place on it table indicators that determine the place of each of the guests at the table; in addition to a very practical detail, since you will avoid that the guests do not know where to sit, reuslta a detail of the most original. A practical idea that will give the table a touch of elegance and style.

Today I propose some original ideas so that in a simple and economical way you yourself create the markers that your table will show ...

If for dessert you have opted for fruit or if any of the dishes should be seasoned with a citrus fruit, take the opportunity to place a fruit or citrus fruit on the plate where you click on a stick that carries a flag with the name of each diner.


If you are looking for an enchanting detail, this idea is perfect ... It is about putting the name of the diner in a small glass (you can write it with a permanent marker or paint or paste the name with paper letters) and then place some fresh flowers in the glass.
This detail will bring elegance, charm and also a sweet aroma to the table.


Another perfect idea is to buy some feathers (you will find them in a haberdashery of different sizes, types and colors) and paste a pen to the pen that you previously included the name of each diner. The pen can be placed on the plate, on the napkin or simply on the table in the desired place.


You see, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money to decorate a table in an original, charming, elegant and stylish way ... Just let your imagination fly and put creativity into practice.