Bet on your creativity and design something original, a beautiful plate, a nice mirror ... a little bit of glue and voilà! look spectacular mirrors You can get to ride. Decorate your favorite corner with these items that will be the protagonists of your decoration.

The materials What you will need for this will be some ceramic, porcelain or earthenware dishes, as many as you want to make mirrors. In addition we will need mirrors, universal glue, something to cut mirror or glass -this is not fundamental-, hooks to be able to locate them where we most like and a compass.

To begin we select the dishes that will be the basis of our decorative mirrors. Choose those that you like the most or do not use them at all and simply keep them saved. In the photograph we used plates that had already marked the central circumference and the frame or contour is quite striking.

We take the plate we want and take the measure of the central circle, if it does not have a circle with a template or compass we make the circular design and we pass it to the mirror from behind. In this way it only remains to cut the mirror in a circle with the size you want.

To cut the mirror we will need a mirror or glass cutter, but if we do not have it, we can always go to a glass workshop to have it cut. In any other case we can buy a mirror already round.

Now all that remains is to stick the mirror right in the center of the plate. Use, for this, universal glue and once we have everything well dry we will stick the hook for pictures behind the plate. In this way, you only need to locate it wherever you want.

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