Looking through some decoration images I have given with a design of JP Gaultier for signing Roche Bobois. I refer to this image and this design:


Spectacular, right?

A delicate design, sophisticated, charming ... However, realistically, with the time they run, we can not all afford a Gaultier design. Although, it is also true that in times of crisis the ingenuity is sharpened and creativity flows in gushes ...

Seeing this image, my daily dose of creativity has led me to the conclusion that if we can not have a Gaultier design, at least we can have a room inspired by its design for Roche Bobois ... And, without investing too much money to achieve it!
If you look at the image, the headboard is a simple screen. A spectacular screen. True! But a screen after all ...

If you like the design of Gaultier and want to achieve a decor similar in your room, you just have to search and choose the screen that you like the most, the one that best fits the decorative style you want to use in the room that best suits your personal tastes. Even if you are a little handyman and prefer a totally customized and original design, you can make the screen yourself, using the materials, designs and colors that you like the most.
Once you have your screen, place the headboard and ... Ready! You already have your Gaultier-inspired headboard.

A simple, original and economical idea to decorate the room ... Do you dare to put it into practice?