The recycling and reuse of some articles and objects can be perfect solutions for the decoration of our home. Today we will talk about some Decorative ideas using seed envelopes.

With these typical envelopes with floral or vegetable seeds we can make beautiful works as we see in the images. Accessories for our fully functional rooms such as vases, organizers or other objects of interest.

Upholstering beautiful containers will be easy. Only some cans or other disposable containers are necessary and cover them with the seed envelopes. Finally, we will decorate them with elements that catch our attention such as colored ribbons, paper, cloth, balls.

If we have a small garden we can make ingenious posters for each of our vegetables. With these small labels we will know, in an exact way, what we have sown in each stonemason, the date of the own sowing, of cultivation ... etc.

Making small candelabra has never been so simple. We will only have to cover small glass containers and place a nice candle in them.

Finally we mention the well-known decoupeage technique. With it we can transfer the drawing of the seed envelopes to small racks in our home. Look what a result!