Need renew the pavement of your house? Installing a laminate floor can be a good option. It is a decorative material, resistant and economical. Also, how is it easy to place and it does not require works, you can do it yourself. Do you want to know how?

install a laminate floor
Source: The DIY Mommy

It is one of the materials that triumph today, as far as floors for the house it means. And it is not uncommon, since it has a large number of advantages compared to other alternatives. In addition, installing a laminate floor is a relatively simple job that is available to DIY enthusiasts.

The laminate floor It's very tough and that makes it suitable, even for transit areas and with a lot of traffic. And not only that. Besides contributing the warmth of the wood, There is a variety of models, colors and finishes.

The choice of floor will depend, therefore, on several factors: its color and finish, the level of resistance you need (there are several degrees depending on where you are going to place it) and the budget you want to allocate.

Do you want to install a laminate floor yourself?

Source: The DIY Mommy

Although this type of flooring is not, by far, the most expensive option, you can always lower the cost of renovation placing it yourself. The work is not complicated and, if you are a little handyman, surely you will be perfect.

That yes, it agrees that you previously inform of the whole process. There are several aspects that you must take into account when installing a laminate floor. To begin with, you will have to prepare the surface conveniently and isolate it well. Below we give you a guide of all the steps you have to follow to achieve success in your adventure.

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As initial advice I will tell you that you must work for rooms, planning the times well so as not to end up with worries that will not help you. Think that, if you have not done it before, the task may take longer than expected.

Source: The DIY Mommy

Once the room is completely empty, you should leave the material there to acclimatize and adapts to the environmental conditions of the place. This is very important, so leave laminate floor boxes closed at least 48 hours before starting work. Take the opportunity to remove the doors, remove the old skirting boards and fix any wall chips in this area.

A perfectly leveled floor

It is an essential condition to install a laminate floor, because if it has undulations or unevenness the result can be disastrous. That's why you'll have to spend some time checking, level in hand, that the surface it is flat and has no unevenness (if there are variations, these must be less than 2 mm).

In the case of unevenness, you will have to apply a self-leveling paste all over the floor of the room. It is easily applied, it is smoothed with a trowel and it fills any gap until the floor is completely level.

Place the insulation

Conveniently isolating the pavement of the room is another of the most important things you will have to do when you want to install a laminate floor. exist various types of insulation. In principle, let yourself be advised by an expert to choose the best product, depending on if you need more Acoustic or thermal.

If you are going to place fiber in roll, place the strips starting at one end of the room and putting them together without overlapping them. Keep in mind that, whatever the insulating material may be, the joints of the same should not coincide with those of the platform. You must place it perpendicular to the slats.

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Install the slats with click system

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You have the surface ready and isolated and you can start placing the first row of slats. Start with the wall, placing plastic wedges first so there is a minimum separation. It is necessary to leave this space so that the wood can expand No problem. You must leave this seal around all the walls.

Put the first slat with the tongue towards the wall and see adding slats. With the click system It will be very simple. You just have to fit the tongue of one of the slats with the groove of the other. To assemble them perfectly you will need to tap them lightly with a rubber mallet.

Source: The DIY Mommy

A tip: to avoid damaging the slats, there is a specific piece of plastic or metal that allows you to hit them without damaging them. The best thing is that you buy a laminate floor installation kit that includes this piece, a tiralamas (to be able to assemble the last pieces) and the plastic wedges.

Complete the first row by cutting the last blade if necessary. Note that this last piece must not be less than 20 cm. If it is, you will have to cut a little the first blade. Do not forget about place the plastic wedge next to the wall before putting the last board.

Let's go for the second row!

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You have perfectly placed the first row of your new laminate floor. Now you will have to continue with the second. To do so, first assemble the side of the slat and then the longest part. And so on until the end of the room.

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There goes a practical recommendation. It is convenient to rent a miter saw when you are going to install a laminate floor. Having to cut so many lamas, get up and crouch, can end up being very tired. The miter machine allows you cut the slats on the floor, in a fast, simple and comfortable way.

A well-finished work

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You have finished placing all the slats on the floor of the room. The final part remains, finish the job to get a perfect result. This implies, for example, saving the door frames.

To do this, place a piece of plank and insulation on the ground (to mark the centimeters that will raise the ground) and cut the fence with a saw placed in the plane. Cut the remains of the cut with a chisel. Now you can insert the final plank of the stage.

Finally, you will have to remove all the wooden wedges and place the baseboard, by gluing it with adhesive putty or special silicone.

As you can see, installing a laminate floor is easy. Do you dare to do it yourself?