Interactive LED Coffee Table It is a curious interactive coffee table that lights up when we touch it. Why? Well because it is equipped with 480 super-bright LED lights and how? because they light up when we put objects on it, both objects and our hands, for example.

table led lights

It is a creation resulting from the collaboration between design studios "Because we can" and "Evil Mad Science" and its price can vary from 1500 to 2.100 $ (1009 and 1413 €) depending on its length.

Led2 table lights

It is perfect to give a different atmosphere to a bar and also for moments of intimacy. You can turn off all the lights and have a drink under table light.

Led3 table lights

Further information: Because We Can

Vía: Hometone

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  1. Hello I'm from the province of San Luis, Argentina, a friend is about to open a restaurant and I liked this table design with LED, which lights up when they touch it, my query is whether they make it by measure or have something standard, for what I see it is short and for the restaurant I would need to measure a height size for such, from now thank you very much

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