Today Decoration 2.0 We will talk about some solutions in terms of interior decoration. If you are decorating your spaces here are some small tips.

Remember that whenever you want to decorate your rooms, we must make a small planning to know what we want at all times. Remember that if you have an attic, a small space, few square meters ... think about working with colors and clear tones.

The light colors will take one hundred percent of the space we have, thanks to these tones the place will seem more spacious and comfortable to look at ... we can always look for a certain color or contrast using decorative elements of more vibrant colors as in textiles, the paintings, furniture ... etc.

In the photograph that we see, we contemplate a very well combined room .. we see it with the walls painted in a nice shade strawberry, in pastel color .. although this year the cakes are left a little aside.

The corner we see that it has quite strong tones, using the fuchsia range ... to give a more modern touch, they have used furniture from this same court, inspired by more traditional furniture .. but with very modern touches.

This decoration turned out to be quite economical, in many occasions we can get a nice space with little money. The room has hardly any 20 square meters, but with good enough luminosity. As we see it is a modern space with very classic touches.

As we can see in the photograph, we see a beautiful combination with the plasterboard or plaster shelves, at the same time with decorative complements and furniture with a modern finish ... with some beautiful traditional touches.

as we see if we have a small planning and we do things with a little taste and wit, especially in places of few square meters, we can get a beautiful decoration that does not have to be expensive.