The switches are a part of the house, also completely necessary because without them they could not turn off and turn on the lights and that at night is essential to see where we are going but we want to load half of the house or break a bone.

silicone interrupters

Maybe that's why lately designers are making designs a bit more sophisticated, not only varying colors or patterns but providing design and style. We see it for example in this silicone switches. They are not switches to use, but silicone "covers" that will cover them giving an extra style.

silicon-3 interrupters

The operation is the same only now we must press on the highlighted areas, to turn on and off. There are several different models and they are a design by Normal Design. For now it seems that they are only available in Japan, through the web Max Ray Co. Ltd. We can not tell you the price because with so many strange letters we have not been able to locate it.

More information: Normal Design