Interruptores «Transformed» we have seen many, of many designs, colors, prints, with vinyls, personalized with photos, but those that we have found through Compradicción are many simpler to elaborate and achieve.

No need to order or spend a lot of money on them and they are also very easy to install because they are stickers. It is a pack designed by Henrietta Swift that influences eyes, eyelashes, lips, tongues, freckles, eyebrows, etc ... and all of them individually for you to make the compositions you prefer, or better, for the kids to do them because they are ideal designs for their bedrooms and Games' room. Fun and full of color, they can be put on and taken off at will.

We can not tell you the price because they still do not have it. They will not be commercialized yet, but surely they will because they are really adorable.

More information: Henrietta Swift