You're thinking about organize a Halloween party? Well, if you have not started yet, it would be best if you put yourself NOW! let's do it. There are not many days left and a spectacular party needs some preparation. Today we give you some very surprising ideas for you to do with some invitations for the party Halloween really special. There are many styles to choose from!

invitations for the tiny halloween party
Source: Tiny Prints

There are a lot of aspects to keep in mind if you have proposed organize a party Halloween for your friends. But, undoubtedly, one of the first things you have to do is make the invitations for the Halloween party. So you can send them to the attendees. They will be able to reserve the date, and you will focus on preparing what the meeting will be like.

You will have to think about the space decoration so that it turns out to be a really scary place, but fun at the same time, where you can be at ease (a challenge, no doubt). On the menu for the guests. You have to decide what you are going to take to eat and drink (This aspect depends on the type of party and the average age of the attendees). And a host of other things: the music that is going to be heard, the costume you're going to wear, the lighting, some unexpected surprise ... The combination of all these details is what turns a party into an event.

Well, you have several fantastic options to make yourself or order some special Halloween invitations. Today we tell you some ideas.

Invitations for the Halloween party with DIY spirit

Source: Cricut

Bats, black and dark, are one of the most characteristic elements of Halloween, together with the spiders and the cats. There is no great party that is celebrated in the Night of the Dead in which these flying bugs do not appear in one way or another. Well, today we show you an idea so that do yourself the invitations for the Halloween party.

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You only need black construction paper, scissors, white cards, black envelopes of the right size, glue and a fine tip pen. Search the internet for an image silhouette of a bat and print it Then transfer it to the black cardboard and cut with the scissors. You will have to make as many bats as you have invited to your party.

Source: Cricut

Then you just have to write the text of the invitation on the white card and paste it on the silhouette of the bat cut out on black card. Put the invitation in the envelope and write the address of the recipient (or your name if you are going to deliver it in hand). By the way, to write on paper or black cardboard you will have to make a marker with a light color, white or silver.

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With disturbing little eyes ...

Source: Real Simple

This idea is great for children's parties, since children can be responsible for making invitations for their friends. It is a simple job, for which you do not need too many materials.

You can buy black cardstock and cut the cards yourself, or you can buy the cards already cut and folded. Find some fun envelopes like the ones in the photo. They are orange on the outside and black and white stripes on the inside.

Then let the children help you decorate the card with eyes of colors that are used in crafts. You will find them in any specialized store. Also, since they are self-adhesive, you do not need glue and you will not have to supervise children.

Write the text on the inside of the card, with the help of a light-colored marker of which I spoke before. A good idea is to put in the envelope a few small bats trimmed on black cardboard. This will fall when the recipient extracts the card. To cut out these figures, a cutter is used to cut out shapes on paper, in this case small bats.

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For adults, a very current model

Source: The Sweetest Occasion

If you are organizing a Halloween party for adults, I'm sure you do not want to lose even a hint of elegance. You can send simple printed invitations but special, like those of these images.

Source: The Sweetest Occasion

Find a design that you like on the internet or encárgalas to a print shop. The important thing is to choose well the design, the typography and the colors of the paper. They have to be according to the type of party you want to prepare. You will see that there are more modern and more classic designs, but they all usually include a bat or a spider. They are symbols of this special event.

Vintage style

Source: Etsy

Do you want to celebrate a very special Halloween party? Well, let the vintage style be the dominant note. You can use it in the decoration of space. Also in the posters that you put around the house. And, of course, in the design of the invitations you send to the attendees.

Here is an example of how it can be An invitation in vintage style. They are great for adult parties.

As you can see, there are endless ideas to create original invitations for the Halloween party. Find the one you like the most and send it to everyone. Your party is going to be a success!