A friend of the work that has just arrived from spending her vacations in Buenos Aires -much she deserved it because she had not taken it for five years- has insomnia problems or better said, she is sleepless. Apparently it cost him no effort to adapt to the weather in the city of Buenos Aires but to return if it has cost him to do it in his own land. Sleep if you sleep alone at the wrong time and at the wrong time. The specific fact is called Jet lag but in Spanish it is decompensation.

I suffer it every time I travel, even after so many years, spouses, children, I feel adapted to the European schedule. I was born where the time is a few hours later, I am more inclined to fall asleep at six in the morning and wake up at two in the afternoon. I have tried with all possible methods, with plants, infusions, naturopathic pills, exercising two hours before going to bed, drinking hot milk and, although some recipes serve more than others, I always return to the same starting point. It's my natural schedule-that's what I say to my boss.

Surely we have all heard about NASA's experiments in which they use 460nm blue light therapy to improve the sleep quality of astronauts. It's the only thing I needed to prove, I think. The Verilux TwiLight® lamp brings this technology to my room by turning it on for about thirty minutes or an hour before going to bed. More information on the website http://www.csnstores.com