When I was little there was a series of drawings on television that were called "The Minute", surely many of you also remember them. Well, as a result of the imagination of children I sometimes came to think that the tiny ones really existed and were hidden in the corners and grilles of my house.

Evidently then I did not find them but now I have found some tiny friends that will help me in the decoration of the home and that they will have a function to do: hold my clothes.

It is a design by the Italian designer Massimo Battaglia and your name is Magic Beans. It consists of a support from which hang several strings through which are distributed small ceramic dolls that will be the ones that hold the clothes.

The doll is not inspired by the diminutive ones, but it is inspired by the story of "Jack and the magic beans". Each of the dolls represents Jack and the ropes are the pods of beans that grew, hence their green color. The design is one of the first that comes to us from the International Furniture Fair in Milan.

Vía: Yanko Design