Decoration: make a little house of willow branches

The special relationship that arises between children and the garden is magical, for them it is a space where fairies, goblins, witches, enchanted princesses, flowers that sing, insects that surprise them ... A happy childhood has to include playing time. and fun, moments that are shared in real gardens, imagined gardens, parks, invented gardens, gardens full of swings ... spaces in which to run, jump, learn, observe, places where Playing is allowed!

For children to enjoy especially:

  • includes a sandbox, they will love it and they will enjoy it a lot, especially the little ones.
  • the little house in the garden, the cottage, the castle ... we all love to have a shelter for us
  • shares with them the gardening works, they can take care of some area specially designed for them, choose plants of easy care and small size so that they can take care of their care personally, they will learn to be responsible.
  • create a didactic zone in which they can appreciate the process of growth of the plants from the seed, they will learn in a fun and practical way the process of birth and development of living beings. You can use glass jars to see how the seeds are transformed and explain how the roots work.
  • Plant an orchard with vegetables, they are easy to grow and it is very rewarding for them to harvest, in addition to eating the vegetables grown by them. Large seeds, such as beans, cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini are the easiest to plant and sprout quickly.
  • Build a scarecrow, paint rocks, look for ladybugs, observe the snails, propose games ... Do creative activities with your children in the garden.
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