Good morning friends, in the space today I leave these beautiful vases made from test tubes and some wooden rods.

The truth is that I see that the vases, as they are made, are authentic natural details and the most original.

As original decoration, they are, and as a point in favor to give color and the rooms are also.


You can make one or several and distribute them around your home, although I think that if you make a small group of them and put them on a table ... they will be precious.

I leave the image so you can see how it is done. Only some elements are necessary and they are few.

Many of them we can get them in craft stores, in stores like the Chinese and similar.

Also, if you like plants and flowers, what better way to give your home that spark of color that is needed.

Now in the hottest months, a lot of flowers are spread around the favorite places of your home.

It is not necessary to say much how they are done, because it is clearly seen in the photographs .. but anyway, I explain it to you above.

As you can see you need some wooden rods, which can be replaced by bamboo canes, will be great.

You also need a little wool or yarn of the color that you like the most .. this adds color and adorns the wood.

Also, for the flowers to hold and have a place to pour some water, we will need a test tube for each vase we make.

Finally choose the flowers that you like and maybe half aspirin, so they will last longer.

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Choose three wooden rods, sanded and cut to the same length. Now attach a test tube with a little silicone to each stick. We will have three rods for each vase.

In this way the test piece stays between the three wooden sticks. Finally roll a little wool, on the top as a decoration and add your favorite flowers.

Photo: apartmenttherapy