I have come to Galicia this weekend and the rain has accompanied me throughout the trip. I like to drive and cross this country on secondary roads, with sun, above and everything with sun, although the cloudy landscape also has its charm. I like the colorful games that are created with the afternoon sun, the gray clouds of rain, and the different shades of green from the trees and mountains.

It is a positive way to see things when time does not accompany these long trips and commitment that I usually do each bridge of the Immaculate. And that, of course, helps me to link to the decoration item that I saw this morning and then explain.


It is a series of vases made in cold steel, gray, hard and cold, but which in contrast to the cheerful color of the flowers that can be put on achieve a lovely effect. There are different forms, such as cylinders, prisms or spheres, that bring serenity to the whimsical natural shapes of some plants, because the ideal is that these steel vases have a small size, to concentrate the effect only on one or two flowers. There are in gloss or matt and always with the neutral color of steel, perfect for any room decorated with a modern or eclectic style.


When I saw them, I could not help but think about the winter images of my travels, and it seemed to me a very successful way of decorating the living room or any corner of the house, playing with the cold of this season of the year. Those in the photographs are from New York Works, but it is possible to buy them in avant-garde decoration stores.

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