Until parking machines They can have a decorative design with an elegant and modern look. This current machine houses a ticket dispenser that allows us to park for a limited time.

The small building, with modern lines, was built by the architect Jean-Luc Fugier, who includes in the project a kiosk window, a small office of assistants for parking and a bathroom.

The project is located in a town outside of France, a little from Aix-en-Provence. According to the developers, this building is based on the contradiction of control over parking and safety to the public. In this way a simple building is unified, built for the control and security of citizens.

The objective was to create a building that would be welcoming to the public, this seasoned with the own landscape that surrounds it takes us to the concept of a warm cabin. The materials are natural and ecological, whose acquisition was made in the same town and carried out by workers in the area.

Sustainable architecture that gives meaning to architecture, being able to meet its established environmental objectives.

Photograph: Philippe Piron

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