Jennifer AnistonA grain of sand does not mean much, but if you add many more granites can form a great desert like the Sahara. The same thing happens with ecology: an isolated action will not help the planet but many united yes and the actress Jennifer Aniston (Rachel in the series "Friends" or protagonist of "A couple of three") has decided to contribute its bit to make your Beverly Hills mansion greener.

For this, it has spent more than 15 millions of dollars in reforms to install solar panels that provide natural energy, as well as a reflective metal roof that allows its best conservation. This is in addition to the modification of his house in Malibu to achieve a natural environment more resistant to drought.

In other sections apart from the decoration and architecture, Aniston has also changed its car, a Range Rover, for a more environmentally friendly, like the Toyota Prius, which doses better fuel and half the money. In his daily life he also respects the environment and showers in three minutes, including brushing teeth at this time. He says: «Two minutes in the shower, much more water is spent than a person in Africa uses for everything in a whole day".

Most mortals can not afford an outlay of 15 million dollars to adapt their house to the needs of the planet, but we can install some other solar panel that serves for example to heat water or operate certain parts of the home. The saving of water, as well as other natural resources, is also in our hands and we also reduce the household's economic expenses.

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Vía: ABC