If you are looking for an activity for girls, today in Decoration 2.0 we tell you how to decorate the room of the smallest by making a pretty jeweler.

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Decorate your favorite corner with a craft simple and with some beautiful results. The materials what we are going to need are:

* Boxes of large empty matches.

* Large pearls (as many as boxes).

* Scissors.

* Colored paper or self-adhesive felt.

* A brush.

* Glue

* A pencil.

What we have to do first is empty the matchboxes. Once this is done, we draw and cut flowers and hearts of felt in the colors that we like the most. Try to buy self-adhesive felt, but just take a drop of glue.

Now we will glue the boxes together, forming columns of three or four boxes of matches. Keep cutting a strip of felt, with it we will cover all the other boxes and the base of these.

Then we will have to paint the area in front and behind, for that we help ourselves by removing all the drawers.

The next step will be to paste the flowers and hearts in the jeweler. These will help us to decorate it, for this we adhere the smallest flowers in the front area and in each drawer. The pearls will serve as handles, so we will stick one in each center of the flower.

We return to put all the drawers and ready, we have a great jeweler with which to decorate the rooms of our little girls.

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