Nostalgia is a confusing feeling, we associate it with love, because it is based on the love that we develop at some point for people or places, and also with sadness, because it only feels when what we remember is no longer with us.

It has an incentive, we do not whistle ourselves completely or remain in love with something or someone, at all; nostalgia is the mixed feeling of joy and pity, for having been, felt or done something and no longer be, be or do it more. His sadness is slight and contrary to what you can think, says that we have always been fortunate and that we usually have great treasures that disappear but we enjoy to the fullest and keep in memory.

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TOYS OF THE SOUL consists of a set of items that we will surely recognize as familiar and evocative. Remembering the past, going back to childhood, are a good way to stop time for a moment.

The design of the set reinvents the most beautiful and traditional toys and turns them into much simpler articles, in appearance, and better constructed, based on the use of thermoformed wood, mainly. A Yo-Yo, a spinning top, a silvato and two crayons are part of this selection that inspires us and full of nostalgia. They come stored in a wooden box that measures 8.2 x 7.2 x 7.6 cm.

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