Are you looking for a bed different, flashy and fun? Surely the design by Roberta Ramme -Brazil- you will love it. This colorful proposal can accompany us in our best dreams.

original bed for children

The piece is of great visual appeal, due to the vibrant colors and lines so avant-garde. The furniture is the ideal set for those who wish to offer your spaces freshness, cheerfulness and functionality.

Designed specifically for teenagers, the Onda Chaise bed is fully equipped for the enjoyment and comfort of the user. That is why it is arranged with a television that accompanies us in leisure moments, alone or accompanied. The DVD to complete and be comfortable while watching an interesting movie.

It also has a music system, where we can listen to our favorite songs, and a desk if we want to locate a laptop to work or hang around the Internet.

As you can see, Onda Chaise is not just any bed. A functional piece of furniture in which you can also take a nap, rest or read a book from your library, now you will have books closer than ever. Onda Chaise, thus fulfills your expectations of comfort and practicality.

original bedroom for teenagers