To maintain a responsible attitude regarding the energy consumption in our home and to control that it does not fire, it is necessary to adopt certain measures. Working to achieve a good isolation of our interiors and change some of our domestic habits are two of the most important.

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Now that we are in summer and the temperatures in the thermometer seem to have no roof, it is very important that our house is prepared to withstand in the best possible way the heat waves typical of the station. In this way we will be able to enjoy a comfortable environment in the interior without the energy consumption shooting up into the stratosphere.

Isolation, key in the control of energy consumption

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One of the most important keys for avoid wasting electric power in the home resides in the importance of achieve well insulated interiors. And this measure is not only effective in summer, but also in winter.

If during the summer the good insulation of the house prevents the heat from the outside, in winter it avoids the loss of heat. In both cases, the result is a much more comfortable indoor temperature and a lower energy consumption, since both air conditioning in summer and heating in winter work less to achieve the comfort temperature.

To achieve optimal insulation, in addition to using special materials on the facade and the roof of the buildings, we have to try that our windows and doors close properly. Making our house as airtight as possible helps us to prevent outside conditions from altering our interior temperature. Almost the 30% of our electricity consumption is going to try to achieve this pleasant temperature in both summer and winter.

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How to shield your home from outside heat

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Put doors and new windows in our house, in case it is necessary, it is the first step (and one of the most important) that we have to take in the way of achieving total isolation. However, this measure is not cheap and may not be the most appropriate time to carry it out.

In this case, there are always things we can do to improve the situation and the energy consumption of our house, such as putting rubber strips or special rubber strips on the windows so they are more hermetic. It may seem a precarious measure, but it is effective.

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Lower the blinds y unfold the awnings In the hottest hours of the day, or when the direct sun hits your windows is a measure that we should not overlook. Help to keep the interior cooler and spend less on air conditioning.

If your windows are at a point of no return and you need to change them yes or yes, find out about all the news that exists. It is preferable to invest a little more and get some really efficient enclosures, able to isolate your house completely. You can install, for example, crystals with low emissivity, which "repel" the heat from the outside, preventing it from entering the house, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 45%.

And try to end thermal bridges that can ruin your privacy. They are those points of the facade, enclosures or roof where heat escapes in winter and where it enters in summer. Do not give them a truce.

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Change your habits in summer, if they are not "efficient"

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It is useless to lower the blinds down to avoid heat, if later you have to light the lamps even in the daytime. Necessary Take advantage of natural light for as long as possible, especially now that the days are much longer and we enjoy more hours of sun. Dispense as much electricity as possible and reduce the bill.

Also, make good use of household appliances, although this recommendation is valid for any time and time of the year. You can, for example, not fall into the call ghost energy consumptionto; which, by the way, is nothing other than leave the appliances plugged in, even if they are off (You know they continue to consume energy). To fight against the usual Stand by the best thing is to install power strips with a switch, which makes it easy to completely disconnect all the appliances plugged into them.

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And another measure that we can take in summer, is disconnect the fridge before leaving on vacation, especially if you're going to be away from home for a week or more. Experts say that it is one of the household appliances that consume the most in the home, since it is always plugged in and functioning. So, in summer, empty it of products that can be damaged and activate the holiday function.

If you follow these tips (some or all) you will surely reduce significantly the energy consumption of your home. You will see!