It is contradictory that the more work with the object of accessing more and better food products (I mean buying cheeses, wines, hams, etc.) less opportunities I have to enjoy them. Every time I have less time to eat during the week because in the hour and a half I can use to do it, I have to resolve other issues that allow me, mainly, to supply the refrigerator and the cupboards with culinary delicacies. In the end I am feeding myself with hamburgers, sandwiches and sandwiches, which are not bad, but far away they are to delight my palate.

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If I had to solve this situation as I do with the projects I manage in the office, the strategy would be to prepare the food for the five working days at home, throughout Sunday, and store it in the refrigerator for later use. The method would work but it is necessary to have a solid infrastructure that allows to keep and preserve the quality of the dishes. I do not want to disappoint on Friday thinking that I'm going to eat a steak when what I really will do is throw it in the trash and go back to the tapas bar in the corner.

To keep the food fresh and attractive for a long time the set of VAC'N SAVE storage containers is essential. It allows, by means of an air extraction system, to keep the flavor and freshness of cooked or raw foods. There are four pieces that make up this game, of different sizes and specialized to store dry food, liquids, compact food and precooked. They are made of polypropylene, they are light and portable. More information on the Website