"KuKunochi" is the guardian who, in the mythical tradition of Japan, protects forests and nature. He is the son of Izagani and Izanami, gods of life and death, and was born during the creation of the universe, long before Oyamatsume, deity of the mountains, and Kaya-no-hime, deity of the prairies. Also called "god of the stem" or "god of trees", was created just after the appearance of rivers, mountains and seas and has always been an example of respect for mother nature and a playful element for the Environmental education. In this moment of global ecological crisis, it is not enough to recall the fantastic work traditionally accomplished by this figure and by means of it to encourage in our children and in ourselves a respectful and conciliatory attitude towards the environment.

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The KUKUNOCHI armchair was born from the inspiration that arose from nature itself combined with the calm that exists in traditional Japanese gardens to which it also has a clear remembrance. The combination between the soft texture of the cushions, made of urethane foam, and the beautiful, very careful and fine shape of the back of the chair, reminiscent of a forest, made of white ash wood, are part of the tribute that the chair KUKUNOCHI , made by the design house LEIF.DESIGNPARK, yields to the fantasy and ecological spirit that has characterized this oriental culture for millennia. To acquire the ecological armchair it is best to visit the Web page www.leif-designpark.com.