There are moments that are decisive for people because, from them, great changes have taken place; what we look for when it starts to happen. Every time I think about wanting to cause a variation, I know that the first thing I have to do is start to provoke it. Little by little and step by step I am getting something similar to what I want, being constant and consistent. It's so simple how three days ago I wanted to remodel my apartment and I'm already doing it.

The project is not bad, I've already got a couple of small things for the kitchen, and the cedar table in the dining room. In the living room there is a mirror. I think it's time to close the room with a full-length carpet. I am looking for it with more than half of the total area of ​​the room and I think of a wine color, olive green or navy blue. I want to put on it the whole room and taking advantage of the fact that the floor is big, make a strip to walk around the edges.

Imagen 15

The carpet LUXE CHOCOLATE WOOL RUE is a very attractive carpet. A carpet of wool hair, closed by hand and with a lot of texture. Dark and intense brown. There are three sizes and mine is the smallest, to achieve the step; Apparently my apartment is not that big. They are 140x200cm, 170x240cm and 200x300cm. It's a classic wool rug in winter but a little more than that. Its color is very good with the color of the mirror frame. It is manufactured by SACKS DESIGN. More information on the website