Last year we followed very closely the progress of The Pattex in the reform of his house. Eva and Dani gradually reformed areas of their home as they did a couple's broth therapy. After several chapters and tests to check the strength of your partner and increase the strength of your home, your brothotherapy came to an end and managed to finish it at will.

They have already finished their project but now another new Pattex couple must take over. The selection has already begun to be the protagonists of The Pattex 2010. Is there a place in your house that you do not like at all? Do you want to get money and material to improve it? What are you waiting for? Take your partner and record a video in the place you like the least about your home and send it to Pattex.

We are looking forward to meeting the lucky new ones and especially having fun with their curious bricotherapies.

More information: The Pattex blog